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5 min readNov 18, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, an internship isn’t about organizing office furniture or fetching coffee for your boss. The responsibilities of an intern have evolved. In many internship programs, you’ll find people performing on projects, managing small teams, and even working together with some executives. Internships give people insight into their dream industry, network, grow their practical knowledge, and provide them with a competitive edge over their peers.

If hired correctly, interns can help strengthen work culture, staff, and save time on new hires. Companies must put more effort into considering how they’re bringing interns into their business and the way they’re using them. A good internship experience is the responsibility of the corporate.

Companies have to lay out their internship program, and delineate the method and opportunities to candidates from the beginning. Interns should run details about where the program is headed and what opportunities for development they could have down the road. Treat Interns the identical way you’d regular employees because that visit offers you an improved, more accurate picture of how they’ll do at your company if hired. Here are a pair of tasks interns could do during their time at the corporate.

Allow Interns to help and support the team

Interns don’t seem to be expected to spearhead a critical project straight away, but supporting the team could build them to the stage of leading their own project. Interns may be tasked with the subsequent task to support the corporate.

Research: Interns fresh from a university education have a good deal of up-to-date knowledge. Your organization may put this data to good use by placing you during a research role. They may be asked to appear in a replacement project and provide their recommendations on how best to execute it.

Managing social media and emails: Ask them to handle the company’s social media accounts, write emails to customers, seek advice from clients on the phone, and do similar duties. Their day may include designing social media posts, scheduling them, and creating a general strategy for your posts.

Event handling: Interns are often asked to oversee the scheduling of important events. you’ll be asked to assist get everything prepared for a vital event. From securing the situation to assisting the creation of a subject matter to source your key speakers.

Provide interns the chance to be told and gain experience

You’ll expect them to be told the maximum amount as they possibly can while interning at your company, what can they learn?

Picking up hard skills: Hard skills are the technical skills interns must carry your day-to-day responsibilities, and eventually job duties, successfully. Examples include learning some technical skills to management skills to understanding data analytics.

Brushing up their soft skills: Soft skills are as important as hard skills. Soft skills are all about the flexibility to relate to people and building mutually-beneficial relationships. Examples are emotional intelligence, motivation, people skills, listening, and excellent communication. you would like soft skills to manage clients, not to mention get together with your bosses and colleagues. Soft skills are key to navigating your work environment and may even contribute to job progression

Networking opportunities

While networking isn’t a political candidate requirement in and of itself, it would also be. Networking involves building relationships with bosses, colleagues, and customers, and clients. Interns need the backing and support of individuals in places to make a successful career. Also, building good relationships with customers is often good for the organization. Here are some samples of the sort of networking interns do:

Finding a mentor: Mentors act as anchor roles for interns. If they discover a decent one, they will be able to follow in their footsteps and build a successful career rather like their mentor.

Forming a peer support group: Interning is difficult. Finding a peer support group that goes through all the ups and downs with them will make it far more enjoyable for everybody involved.

Getting in with bosses and coworkers: Interns who can build strong individual bonds with their coworkers and executives become part of the “family”. They are way more likely to be offered a full-time role at the corporate down the road.

Increase the number of responsibilities as time passes

As time goes by, interns expect to shoulder an increasing amount of responsibility. Initially, you will gauge interns' current skill set and reliability along with their initial workload. As they prove themselves to your colleagues and executives, they should be entrusted with more crucial tasks. The higher they perform, the more responsibilities they will run. This can be a wonderful opportunity to showcase their abilities to their employer. It may also help contribute to them receiving a full-time role afterward.

In the end, if an intern isn’t invested in your company, that’s likely your fault and not the interns. ​​If you hire people, you’re instrumental to your business’s success. Making the right hire can boost performance and results and making the wrong hire is a mistake that costs your organization time and money.

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